Padded rest-bed.

Padded stool.

Long bench. 5 legs.

Wooden console.

Table. Terrazzo top.

18th century cupboard. Original patina.

Silvered metal base with glass dome.

Leather and oak stool.

Adjustable desk.

Pair of wooden chairs. Original patina.

Adjustable metal chair.

Pair of white marble balls.

Huge wicker basket.

Brass convex mirror.

Pair of wooden candlesticks.

Primitive bench.

Table. Original patina.

Wicker, metal and wooden basket.

Louis XVI style sofa. Pink velvet.

Huge knead wooden bowl.

Set of 6 metal and wooden baskets.

Pendant light.

Green stool. Original patina.

Set of 5 engravings. By John Gould.

Pair of pendant lights.

Florist’s table. Oak and zinc.

Primitive stool.

Gilt Louis XVI style mirror.

Painting. Oil. Young boy.

Set of 4 folding chairs.

Set of 4 bedside-stools tables.


2 primitive stools.

2 earthenware jars.

Leather and wicker basket.

Silvered metal folding tray.

Leather and brass side table.

Set of 2 wicker and leather cases.

Pillows. Vintage fabric.

Table / desk. By Waldeck Mauser-Werke.

Modernist metal chair.

Pair of yellow metal garden armchairs.

Pair of Louis XV style armchairs. Original patina.

Brewery table. Green top.

Alabaster lamp.

Earthenware pierced dish.

Dora lamp by André Cazenave.

Pair of firedogs. Castiron and brass.

Table with 8 drawers.

Miniature furniture.

Bronze chandelier.

End of sofa / bedside table...

Cocteau. L’oeil Architecte. ACR editions.

Wire bottle-holder.

Set of 6 metal armchairs.

Floor lamp.

Set of 4 chairs. Original patina.

Piece of 18th century tapestry.

Porcelain lamp.

Pair of cement garden vases.

New upholstered day bed.

Mineral lamp.

Plaster hand.